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Get a Wallet

To interact with smart contracts in the EVM, you need a valid EVM-compatible wallet. Use MetaMask to connect to the EON network:

Using MetaMask‚Äč

Note: The MetaMask connection is illustrated using the Chrome browser.

  1. Download the MetaMask wallet extension into your browser by going to the MetaMask website.

  2. Use the Extension Manager to pin the MetaMask extension to your browser. The MetaMask Welcome page appears. Click Get Started to begin the configuration.

  3. The Help us improve MetaMask page appears. Either click No thanks or I agree to continue.

  4. The New to MetaMask page appears. Either Import wallet or Create a wallet to continue. For this example, click Create a wallet.

  5. The Create password page appears. Enter a password and confirm. Check the agree box for the Terms of use. Click Create.

  6. The Secure your wallet page appears. Watch the Secret Recovery Phrase video. The secret recovery phrase is a 12-word phrase that is the master key to your wallet and funds. Click Next.

  7. The Secret Recovery Phrase page appears. Click the box to Reveal Secret Words. You can download the Secret Recovery Phrase, if desired. Click Next.

  8. The Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase page appears. Select each phrase in the order to confirm that your secret recovery phrase is correct. Click Confirm.

  9. If successful, the Congratulations page appears. Read the tips on storing your secret recovery phrase. Click All done.

  10. Your MetaMask wallet appears showing Account 1 as the wallet name and 0 ETH as the balance.

    Note: You can rename your account name of your MetaMask wallet by clicking on the three dots at the top right of your wallet. Next, click Account details then click on the pencil icon next to the wallet name to edit the account name.