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Forger Node Requirements

The recent submission of ZenIP 42206 which states that reward currently paid to Secure Node in the Horizen mainchain block will be redirected to an EON Forger Subsidy Fund. Thus, any node assigned as a Forger Node in the EON ecosystem must have the configuration requirements listed in the EON Forger Node Criteria. The EON Forger Node requirements can be implemented by users or blockchain providers.

Additional Information

  • Read the Horizen Blog that explains the need for a secure EON ecosystem.
  • View the Beyond Horizen episode on Redirecting Secure Node Rewards to EON.

EON Forger Node Criteria

Minimum and recommended instance requirements for running an EON Forger Node in the context of Open Forging.

CPU Core count48
Frequency/IPC2.5 GHz3.0+ GHzHigh frequency is required in order to scale better.
Memory16 GB32 GB
Swap - - Swap is not recommended.
Storage64 GB512 GB
Storage growthTBDTBDExpected growth over time.
Bandwidth250 Megabit500+ MegabitLow latency connectivity to other Forger Nodes is crucial.
IP AddressIPv4 dedicatedIPv4 dedicated


  • EON available for inbound connections on IPv4.
  • Correct reachable address and port combination are advertised to the network by EON.
  • Must not restrict peer connections.
  • Must configure the EON P2P TCP port 9084 to be reachable from the outside for other nodes to connect to (EON MUST accept incoming connections from other nodes).

Note: The requirements detailed can be added to or modified without notice.