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EON's Native Stablecoin - ZUSD

General Information

Horizen is proud to be partnered with Stably to provide the Horizen community with its own native stablecoin.

ZUSD, the outcome of a collaborative effort between Stably and Horizen Labs, is a fully-backed US Dollar stablecoin. The collateral for ZUSD is held in liquid USD-denominated assets by a designated trustee for the benefit of verified ZUSD token holders. This ensures that each ZUSD token can be minted or redeemed at a 1-to-1 rate with USD or USDC by users who passed Stably's KYC verification process.

Administered by Stably’s Wyoming-based registered money service business subsidiary, ZUSD is issued in compliance with FinCEN’s convertible virtual currency guidance (FIN-2019-G001), including BSA/AML regulations and OFAC sanctions. Additionally, periodic attestations will be performed by an independent attestor to verify that every ZUSD token in circulation is backed 1-to-1 with collateral.

Blockchain information about ZUSD:

  • Contract address : 0xCEad8ee30e03aE87E5E709617f7FdF180Eef9973
  • Contract name : ZEN USD (ZUSD)
  • Decimals : 6
  • Explorer link

Fee information

Please find information related to fees here