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To help you troubleshoot, review the configuration details and the collection of methods that are available on EON (EVM).

JSON-RPC specification

EON EVM supports most of the methods that are considered standard for EVM compatible chains.


The Ethereum JSON-RPC is a standard collection of methods that all execution clients implement. It is the canonical interface between users and the network. This interface allows downstream tooling and infrastructure to treat different Ethereum clients as modules that can be swapped at will.

The list of the methods supported, together with some interactive examples are available HERE.

General Error Messages

Error CodeMessageDefinition
-32600Invalid RequestThe JSON sent is not a valid request object
-32601Method not foundThe method does not exist / is not available
-32602Invalid paramsInvalid method parameter(s)
-32603Internal errorInternal JSON-RPC error - e.g. key id is missing
-32000 to -32099Server errorReserved for implementation-defined server-errors
-39001Unknown blockRequest for a finalized or safe block before merge
3Execution revertedJSON error code for a reverted EVM execution