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Quick Voting Guide

This quick guide is meant to help you go over the simple steps to vote on ZENIPs.


  1. How much voting power do I have?

Your voting power is a sum of the following criteria:

  • $ZEN in your EON wallet.
  • $ZEN in your linked mainchain wallet.
  • The total amount of $ZEN that was delegated to forger nodes from your EON Wallet.

Please note that Horizen uses Snapshot for voting. This means that your voting power will be a total of the items above at a specific block height on EON. If token values change after that specified block height it will not be included in your voting power.

  1. How do I link my mainchain wallet to my EON address?

Being that many users prefer to keep their $ZEN on Horizen’s mainchain we’ve made it possible to vote on proposals while keeping $ZEN on the mainchain. Please use the following guide to link your mainchain and EON addresses:

  1. Do I have to do anything if I stake $ZEN to a forger node to vote on proposals?

No. As long as you are using the same wallet which was used to delegate stake, your voting power will include all $ZEN that is staked to forger nodes.

How do I vote on ZENIPs using my staked $ZEN?

Voting is done on Snapshot using Horizen EON.

  1. Go to the Horizen Foundation Snapshot page:
    • Make sure to join the Horizen Foundation as a member on Snapshot.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Choose a proposal you would like to vote on.
  4. Read through the proposal and look at the possible voting options.
  5. Select a choice, you will be asked to sign a message with your wallet to vote on the proposal (this does not incur any gas fees).

We look forward to the continuous participation of our community and stay tuned as many exciting things are on the Horizen!