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Proposal Categories

The improvement proposal process is the key tool for Horizen DAO’s community-led governance. Currently, $ZEN is the governance token for both the Horizen mainchain and the EON sidechain. Improvement proposals for each are called, respectively, ZenIPs and EONIPs. Any $ZEN tokenholder can vote on improvement proposals, and those who hold (or who have been delegated) the requisite amount of $ZEN may put forth proposals to the community.

There are two categories of each type of proposal: technical and non-technical.

A Technical ZenIP/EONIP requires a technical implementation or upgrade to the Horizen or EON blockchain or which requires the modification of the Horizen Foundation’s Governing Documents or the Constitution of the Horizen DAO.

A Non-Technical ZenIP/EONIP is any other proposal which does not require a technical upgrade to the Horizen or EON blockchain; such a proposal may relate to making grants, proposing arrangements with third parties, or conducting governance of the Horizen Foundation.

To submit a Technical ZenIP or EONIP, you must hold or be delegated at least 200,000 $ZEN. To submit a Non-Technical ZenIP or EONIP, you must hold or be delegated at least 100,000 $ZEN.