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Guiding Values

A strong social layer that builds trust and maintains integrity across the Horizen ecosystem is crucial. Community building is essential in growing blockchain adoption, and communities are built on shared values. The Horizen DAO’s guiding values are as follows:

  • Transparency: The Horizen DAO seeks to be open and honest to its mission of decentralized governance. Just as the blockchain is powered by open-source software with publicly visible transactions, decisions, and activities undertaken by the Horizen community through this DAO should be clearly grounded, articulated and understandable to all.

  • Accountability: Members of the community are accountable to each other. The mechanisms outlined in this Constitution crystallize the ways in which this will be achieved.

  • Security: Security is at the heart of the Horizen ecosystem and must be taken seriously by all community members and tokenholders. Any changes to the Horizen protocol should weigh security considerations heavily.

  • Community Involvement: The Horizen ecosystem and the Horizen DAO will only be as good as members of the community make it. Everyone has different skills to contribute and is encouraged to do so to ensure the success of the project.

  • Continuous Improvement: The Horizen DAO should never rest on its laurels. There are always things the community can do better, where community members should take an active role in proposing and implementing such improvements.

  • Social Responsibility: You, as a community member and tokenholder, are here because you want to help build the future of the internet – and of the world. As such, each of us must be responsible stewards of that mission and act with integrity in all that we do.