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Decentralized governance is a cornerstone of the Horizen ecosystem. For a public blockchain like Horizen, with many participants from developers and miners to node operators and tokenholders, it is necessary to have a framework enabling community members to govern the project. For Horizen, Horizen DAO is that framework: a means through which network participants can effectuate changes to influence the future of Horizen.

DAO stands for ‚ÄúDecentralized Autonomous Organization‚ÄĚ, and has emerged as the standard for decentralized governance in the blockchain space (and beyond). While every structure entails tradeoffs, the Horizen community decided on the DAO model as it has been used successfully for a number of leading blockchain projects.

Through the Horizen DAO, any member of the Horizen community can have a say over the direction of the project. This is a privilege and responsibility to which community members are expected to accord appropriate seriousness.

This section lays out the basics of Horizen DAO and explains how to participate in governance. Look around, familiarize yourself with the guidelines and processes, and get involved!